Alex Tracy
Alex Tracy Team Lead Developer

Experienced programmer with a good technical ability and eye for web app. Experienced in Android, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, XMI, С+, СС+, CSS3, Python, Linux, Smart Contract, IoT Technologies

Herbert W. Hoover
Herbert W. Hoover Co-Founder/Board Member

A seasoned Executive in the Technology industry, offering more than 20 years of experience in Digital Technology, Telecommunications and International Media

Yoshiro Kurosawa
Yoshiro Kurosawa Lead Blockchain Developer

C, C++, C# and Java lead developer, systems programming. Blockchain software development team leader. Crypto investor & participant of pespective ICO

Jiro Fukushima
Jiro Fukushima Blockchain Software Developer

C++ developer and blockchain-technologist. Cryptocurrency investor, participant of start-ups

Kin Mori
Kin Mori Blockchain Software Developer

Participant in a variety of ICO and crypto projects, blockchain pioneer, crypto trader. Basically, C++ and C# specialist, software developer